The Olaf’s biography has also been uploaded now.
The bio of Arne will follow soon
Stay tuned and enjoy! :)

Biography Olaf



We didn’t shut it down so you can still have a look at the band’s history.
Biographies and member pics are going to be uploaded soon so stay tuned!

Please visit us at  www.facebook.com/chainofdogs for the latest news

You can also send an e-mail to: info@chainofdogs.nl





The Dogs are back – with a brand new pack!

You might have noticed, but we’re back. With a couple of new members and ready to play.

The first couple of gigs have been booked, more information is coming up. Stay tuned!




Well that’s it – for now…

Because of the recent line-up changes, musical differences and other difficulties we’ve been running into, we’ve decided to quit Chain of Dogs as it is now. We will not play any gigs or bring out new material for a while. Band members will spend their time on personal projects or just getting some rest.

We might be back from late 2013, but in a different version and probably a different lineup. Until then COD will only be a project exploring its roots and possibilities.



Deathworld is unleashed!

From now on our new EP Deathworld is available! You can order it directly through us for just €5,00, by sending an e-mail to info@chainofdogs.nl.

Chain of Dogs' new EP

As some of you might have already heard, we have some great guest musiciand joining us on this EP. Joris Boghtdrincker and Mark Splintervuyscht of HEIDEVOLK, Johannes Joseph of FINSTERFORSTand Samana of VIATORA have all contributed! They completed this EP by providing some great vocals, choirs and accordion parts!

There are already some reviews for this EP and more will follow soon. You can read the first reviews here:

Mijnstreek Online (Dutch)

Folk Metal.nl (Dutch & English)

Folk Metal Hungary (Hungarian &English)


Time for another update

It might not look that way, but we’ve been very busy. Sadly, Willem has decided to leave us for time reasons. His schedule doesn’t allow him to be in a band fulltime anymore so he is phasing out his contributions.

On the bright side, we already have a new guitarist, Sammy, who is working hard on our songs and with whom we’re already working on new material. From 21-23 september we will be doing a weekend mini-tour with both of them, to say goodbye and hello. This will also be the release party for the Deathworld EP. We will be supported in this by Krigavar from Belgium and Jötnar from Groningen.

See you then!


Gig at Drakkarfest canceled

We had to cancel our gig at Drakkarfest…


Howls from the Dogs!

It’s about time we gave you that update…

We’ve been very busy with the recordings of our new release. The EP is called ‘Deathworld’ and will contain three songs.
All the recordings are done and we are well on our way with mixing and mastering!

We have some great guest musicians on these songs, of which we won’t tell everything at the moment. We have contributions from Hannes from Finsterforst, Samana from Viatora, our regular guest singer Rafke and a duo of great vocalists from another famous folk metal band. We will present a special promo single of the title track at Sodom Metal Night, 28th April.

The tracklist for the EP will be:

1. D’r Zjwarte Hond va Krapoel (The Black Dog of Krapoel)
2. Ich bring d’r Doeëd (I bring Death)
3. Deathworld (Doeëdweld)

We are still looking for a label to release this EP on, but we’ll do it ourselves if this takes too long.

As you can see on the Gigs-section, we’ve added a couple of shows to start promoting Deathworld
Obviously we’ll play the new songs live to give you an idea of what we’ve been up to!

In the meantime we’re working hard on confirming more shows and two short tours with some of the friends we made on tour last year. The September tour will be with the legendary Waylander, in December we’ll be on the road with Thuringian heroes XIV Dark Centuries. Some gigs have already been confirmed and we’ll keep you up to date on the progress.

We’ll also be supporting our friends of Myrkvar at the release of their new cd, As en Bloed. Go check it out and order it at www.myrkvar.nl


18-10-2011   New Gigs in December

In the first weekend of December we´ll play two shows. Both shows will be headlined by our friends of Finsterforst.
The first was confirmed a while ago and will take place on December 2nd in ´Fenix´ in Sittard. Support acts this day are Skadika and inquisition Symphony.
The next day, December 3th,  we´ll play in ´De Witte Non´ in Hasselt, Belgium. This day Finsterforst and we will play a longer set than usual, since there are no support acts, so make sure to be there!


10-10-2011   Black Troll Winterfest

The black Bards over Europe tour will take place next month, starting on November 12th with the Black Troll Winterfest. The line-up forth is festival is complete and we’ll be sharing the stage with the following bands: Immortal, Ensiferum, Primordial, Týr, Suidakra, Moonsorrow, XIV Dark Centuries, Waylander, Odroerir, Northland, Crimfall, Cruadalach, Negator and Draugr. For those of you who want to join this amazing event, order your tickets here soon, because the presales are going fast!

30-08-2011   Black Trolls over Europe III tour

We can finally make the big announcement; This November we’re going on tour with several great bands!

The tour is called Black Trolls over Europe III and we’ll be playing 9 gigs, from november 12th till 20th with Suidakra, Waylander, Odroerir, XIV Dark Centuries and Cruadalach.

All the shows are confirmed now, with most of them happening in Germany, one in the Czech republic and two in the Netherlands. You can find the exact dates and locations on our ‘live’ page.

The first show of the tour, on november 12th, is on the Black Troll Winterfest in Mülheim am Ruhr. We’ll share the stage with legends from the metal scene, like Immortal, Ensiferum, Moonsorrow, Primordial and Týr!


29-08-2011   COD at Knoalrock 2011

Another show was just confirmed. On september 24th we will play at Knoalrock in Stadskanaal, Groningen.

There will be 5 bands in total. You can find the complete line-up on this website soon.

We’ll see all of our friends from the northern parts of our country there, to have a great party!


25-08-2011    Show at MetalHeart

On Sunday 4 September we’ll play a gig at an exposition called MetalHeart.

This exposition is part of the Cultura Nova festival and will take place at ‘Pompgebouw Schutterspark’ in Brunssum.

There will be multiple shows, art and even traditionally brewed Teutonic beer!

It’s been a while since we had a show in our own region, so we hope to see a lot of you there!


19-07-2011    We’re back online!

Finally, our very own website is back online. there are still some minor changes that need to be made, but we’ll get there, eventually.

We’ll be updating this page regularly, with the latest news about Chain of Dogs.

There is going to be a big announcement here in a while, about a tour we’re going to be part of this November, so keep an eye out for this news!