Hasselt: The Unmasked Dogs

As we’re pretty busy working on new songs and records we are not taking a lot of gigs at the moment. Our last gig, on the 25th of October, was a quite extraordinary one because we went on stage without face paint…

We’d been booked for the gig pretty long before and were looking forward to it, we’d played at De Witte Non before. It has a great ambiance and super crowd. But we also knew there would be some problems, as it’s a very small bar with a stage where we would hardly fit and where we might not have room to apply our paint and fake blood. We still didn’t know what to do about that when we were soundchecking.

We’d stepped out for a quick bite to eat (ask for a Broodje Stoomboot when you’re in a snackbar in Flanders, it’s worth it!) and by the time we got back our support, Nachtval, was already playing. We already played with bands of some of their members before but this is a completely new band: technically sound and with great songs in the tradition of bands like Finntroll and Månegarm with a slightly progessive twist. The audience loved them and if you can check them out be sure to have a look!

We went on stage and did our line check. It was about then we realised we wouldn’t bother with painting for this gig, the intro sounded and we plunged into our set. As a suprise Samana joined us on stage for a couple of songs and we had a great time, playing an extra long set. The sound was pretty good for such a small venue, we and the audience had fun and we hardly noticed the confined space, heat and humidity or small technical mishaps. We didn’t even miss the lack of stage blood as I banged my head into the microphone (did I just say we hardly noticed the lack of space? Who am I kidding?) and I started bleeding. A bit, but enough. We didn’t just play the set but on repeated request worked our way through a couple of encores before the heat defeated us and we had to end the show.

We hung around at the bar for several hours afterwards drinking some of those lovely Belgian beers. Hasselt is less than an hour’s drive so we were in no hurry. But all things must come to an end, we finally loaded up and left for home so we could have a good look at the inside of our eyes.

Thanks to the guys at De Witte Non, everyone who came to see us at the show and of course to Nachtval, Samana (you will be hearing her on our next records!) and Bert for the pics.

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