Sold Out
Chain of Dogs — Bridgeburners
Release date : Jul. 25, 2008
Label : Independent Release
  1. Blood Follows
  2. Bridgeburners
  3. ‘t Zjwatte loak


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1. Blood Follows

We roam the streets at night with murder on our minds
It’s unfortunate for you, but we’ll kill you from behind
Take a piece we need from you to spawn life from mortality
Necromantic sorcery is our specialty

Summoning demons, a host you’ve never seen
From death to life and shadow in between
Blood follows where we tread
To create life from death

Sterility fought with sorcery
To give a new first breath
Our death-warded magic is stronger than light
Make even the ghosts howl with terror and fright

Fear not when we come because you might say
You will be immortal though you won’t like the way
Binding service from demon and undead
This face of evil is the new face of dread

When the rooks come you better sit tight
Lock your doors and stay in for the night

2. Bridgeburners

A very long long time ago we set our paths, we set our goals
As desert burned its mark on us – and fate consumed us whole
The spiritwalker wrote our song – it’s awaiting our return
Immortality thrust on us; ascendance for our souls

We fight – for a cause that stabs us in the back
We kill – fewer swords but they’re still sharp
We fight – all bridges burnt there’s no return
Wide-eyed stupid

Buried deep when Moon’s Spawn failed, so many died a darker end
But there is no pause for us, our loyalty’s our doom
There’s no more reason why we should, but we would because we could
But there’s no way in hell they can keep us down

We fight – for a cause that stabs us in the back
We kill – fewer swords but they’re still sharp
We fight – all bridges burnt there’s no return
We die – wide-eyed stupid

Bridgeburners Bonehunters, the old and the new
We will not be forgotten however few
Witness my friends, these darkest nights
Fate plucks our strings but we won’t give up the fight

3. ‘t Zjwatte loak
Wen de kooi noa onge sjuut
Da ben ich weer de erme kluut
Dé onge in dat loak mot sjravele en sjinne
Dreihongerd meter i gen eëd
Goan ich doa buttele wie e peëd
Me zelfs e peëd zow huuj der daag dat neet mië kinne
Want doa onge i gen koel
Doa sjteet der sjtöb dich op e moel
Doa deet die vuchtig … loch dich emmers zjweëte
En doa kruupse durch der pratsj
Mit eng koellamp op der patsj
Nondeju pap hej ich dat doch oets geweëte
Et water druupt mich op der zak
Ich veul de kou bis in der nak
Ich krieg et van die zouwerei nog aan de niere
En der meesterhuijer vlookt
En deä vieze sjlaam deä kookt
I mie booksekruus en doava krien ich zjwere
Och mien heng die goan kapot
Ich rochel sjteekes oet mieng strot
I mie gezich doa zitten hongerddoezend kratse
Ich werk mieng knoake oet mie vel
Want deä koal deä is zoe hel
Leeve pap heij ich die koel toch loate platse
Daag op daag goan ich weer aaf
In dat zefde zjwatte graaf
En doezend doëde mot ich in dat graaf noch sjterve