chainofdogslogoIf you ever wanted to find out what it would sound like if Slayer got into a fight with Flogging Molly on stage, after which they decide to patch things up with a  bottle of vodka, then you should listen to Chain of Dogs. Our energetic mix of folk, metal and punk is a guaranteed recipe for a party on the stage and in front of it. We are from the province of Limburg in the south of the Netherlands and use our native dialect beside the English language. We have toured with Suidakra, Waylander and XIV Dark Centuries among others and regularly play with internationally acclaimed bands like Heidevolk, Arkona and Finsterforst. Festivals which billed the Dogs include Black Troll Winterfest, Sodom Open Air, Occultfest and Metaldays .




One sunny day in 2005 a couple of guys and a girl were sitting on the front porch of a little pizza place, enjoying the food and discussing ideas of starting up a folk metal band. Something halfway between Flogging Molly and Finntroll, but with more thrash influences and a nice dose of Misfits. Somebody knew someone who played the violin, someone bought a banjo, they got together and started rehearsing.

The first version began writing songs in October 2005 and consisted of Olaf, Arne, Dave, Niena, Glenn, Dennis and Anouk. Seven people, several of whom had never played in a band before. It didn’t stop them from going on stage and play their set. A lot of chaos ensued, but also the reputation that this band was going to give you a hell of a party. A demo was recorded which was probably more punk than metal, in the tradition of those great 80’s thrash metal band who started recording before they could play really well…

By 2007 musical insights and personal situations started to drift apart, so people started leaving. Niena had another band and she was having a hard time committing to both, so she was the first who left, to be replaced by Kaz. After this both guitarists left for different reasons, and Kaz’ brother Rim was recruited to fill the empty position. The band as a whole become a lot more serious in their music making and the first EP, Bridgeburners was recorded in spring 2008. This gained a lot of attention and got them first contact with their current label, Witches Brew. Because the banjo didn’t add much to the music anymore Dennis left the band soon after recording the EP.

The band played a lot of shows for a couple of years, but internally musical differences were still causing trouble. Also several band members were playing in two or three bands at the same time. This caused another split in the band, when Kaz and Rim left to pursue their own projects. Eventually Anouk left as well to concentrate on black metal. They were replaced by Tom, Willem (and later Sammy) and Jelle respectively. This enabled Olaf and Arne to steer the band back into faster and louder direction, and in this line-up the band did most of the recording up to date. They played a lot of (international) gigs and toured through Europe until the fire ran out and the band split up in late 2012. The full length “Gebroake, Gehange en Gewroake” and the EP “Deathworld” were released by this line-up.

Chain of Dogs was resurrected by Olaf as a project with session musicians in the summer of 2013. Tim, Kenneth and Samana were recruited and eventually Arne returned. Willem agreed to help out to restart the project and played guitar for half a year until Remy joined the band as a permanent bass player (and Tim could switch back to guitar.) While this project was being formed, Witches Brew released the cd “Burning Bridges in a World of Death“, a compilation of the EP’s several demo tracks and some unreleased stuff

As of fall 2014, what was meant to be a project soon grew back to being a real band, playing international gigs and recording new material. This is why Samana decided to leave the permanent line-up – she will still be performing as a session musician on future recordings. Chain of Dogs in the meantime will once again continue dump their loud-fast-aggressive-but-happy mix of thrash metal, punk, folk and whatever pleases them on unsuspecting audiences everywhere they go.