Chain of Dogs — Deathworld
Release date : Sept. 14, 2012
Label : Independent Release

Deathworld is our latest EP. Three brand new blasting tracks, with contributions of HEIDEVOLK, FINSTERFORST and VIATORA.

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Gebroake, Gehange en Gewroake

Chain of Dogs — Gebroake, Gehange en Gewroake
Release date : Dec. 10, 2010
Label : Witches Brew

“Gebroake, Gehange en Gewroake” (Broken, Hanged and Avenged) is the title for the new album, our first full-length. It took us a few years and some serious line-up changes to get there, since our demo of 2006 and the “Bridgeburners”-EP of 2008.

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